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Class pass

Class-pass is an app that allows you to experience different types of self-care at several locations for just one price. It really is genius and after the free-trial-month, I was officially hooked and committed to the least expensive package because I still want to get my feel for it and I can work my way up from there!

So the way it works is you sign up for a membership that works best for you. each membership comes with an allotted amount of credits for the month that you will be using to book your sessions. You can book anything from workouts to hair blow-outs to mani/pedis and even massages! I'm telling you, its the BEST! Each session requires you to book through the app and it tells you how many credits the session "costs". Your credits can rollover to the next month if you haven't used them up or you can purchase individual credits if you've used your up before the month is over!

My favorite classes are BodyTek & Yoga Joint FIIT

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