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I love shopping on SHEIN for trendy items that are affordable and allow me to be creative. A lot of people say that shopping on here is "hit or miss" but 95% of the time everything I order fits me. I have a few little tips and tricks but before that I want to share a really cool feature they offer that makes my shopping addiction even more dangerous!

First thing, you'll need to download the SHEIN app. This allows you to save $, exclusive discount codes, rewards, promotions, free shipping & a lot more. Once you're on the app go to the search page and tap the camera icon located in the search bar. You'll be able to upload an image or take a photo. Say you came across a top or skirt you liked on someone but you don't know where they got it, or something is out of your price range, you can upload an image of any photo and the app will populate all the items they have that are similar. How cool is that!

A few tips while browsing the site:

  1. read reviews & pictures

  2. check materials

  3. look at size guide

  4. adjust sizing by material/recommended sizing

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